The intelligent 2-component plug with three functional principles.

Suitable for fixing in all building materials

The fischer DuoPower is a universal plug that adjusts itself automatically to the building material used and can achieve maximum load values thanks to the three functional principles folding, expanding and knotting. This plastic fixing combines two components for an even better performance and thus outshines conventional gypsum plasterboard or cavity fittings.

Your advantages at a glance

Simple start:
The smooth running opening enables an easy activation of the screw and a safe installation into the screw channel.
Simple installation:
No annoying rotation of the plug in the drill hole during the installation, thanks to the pronounced rotation protection.
Perfectly installed :
Best possible feedback (feel-good factor) of the plug. You can feel exactly when the plug is installed perfectly.
Additional versions:
The longer versions have additional "bite" in problematical building materials.
Two material components for even more applications and top load values in solid and hollow building material
Maximum safety
European Technical Assessment (ETA) for certain DuoPower dimensions. Tested safety for safety-relevant applications in concrete and masonry.
fischer DuoPower
The universal plug is suitable for fixing in all building materials


Product Highlights

  1. Short anchor length allows fast fixing without long drilling using shorter screws.
  2. The connection of soft and hard components enables an optimally matched screw-in and tightening torque.
  3. Red expansion wings support the safe spreading and offer additional safety to the nylon base.
  4. The basic body made of high-quality nylon automatically activates the optimum functional principle for permanent and secure fastening, depending on the construction material.
  5. Narrow anchor edge prevents slipping into the borehole.

To the DuoPower assortment

DuoPower in building material

Intelligent self-activating functions depending on the substrate.


Intelligent self-activating functions depending on the substrate.


Intelligent self-activating functions depending on the substrate.


 DuoPower long version

Product Highlights

  1. Functional zone I: The dowel point spreads in two directions for higher pull-out forces in problematic building materials.
  2. Functional zone II: The spreading element spreads at a 90° angle to zones I and III and ensures optimum screw guidance.
  3. Functional zone III: The rear area of the anchor folds or spreads, depending on the building material.

More information

DuoPower long version in building material

Long version with additional bite in sand-lime brick

Long version with additional bite in perforated stone

Long version with additional bite in aerated concrete

Applications DuoPower


Hand rail


Steel door

fischer DuoLine

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