The powerful anchor for highest demands

Product highlights

  1. Quick and easier assembly without the need for drill hole cleaning (M8-M16) according external report.
  2. With the new assessment (ETA), the tensile strengths increase decisively. As a result, fewer fixing points and anchors are required.
  3. The new ETA confirms the use of the FAZ II Plus for dynamic loads for diameters M16-M24.
  4. An external independent assessment confirms the service life of anchorages up to 120 years. Thus, the FAZ II Plus outlasts a whole century and is perfectly suited for large, long-lasting construction projects (M10-M16).
  5. The FAZ II Plus allows the absorption of high seismic loads of performance category C1 and C2 for diameters M10-M24.
  6. The first bolt anchor M6 with ETA evaluation option 1 ensures a safe and approved anchorage.

Dynamic applications


Conveyor Belt

Lifting platform

Anchor bolt for use in steel fibre concrete

The FAZ II Plus Anchor bolt now also has general design approval (aBG) for anchorages in steel fibre concrete. This opens up new applications for the classic product, which are increasingly in demand in engineering practice.

Included are the versions FAZ II Plus made of galvanised steel, FAZ II Plus R made of stainless steel and FAZ II Plus HCR made of highly corrosion-resistant steel 1.4529 in the diameter sizes M6 to M24. The approval for anchoring in steel fibre concrete was made according to the DAfStb guideline steel fibre concrete (2012-11) with a maximum fibre content of 80 kg/m³.  

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FAZ II Plus. The champion among the bolt anchors. Powerful & flexible.

The fischer FAZ II Plus is the steel anchor for the highest demands - for heavy loads in cracked concrete.
The FAZ II Plus can be used particularly flexibly thanks to its simple installation. The proven expansion clip safely guides the loads into the concrete and enables the highest load-bearing capacity.

Quick and easy installation of bolt anchors.

The FA-ST II bolt anchor setting tool allows for quick and easy installation of bolt anchors, saving significant installation time in particular during series installation. The projecting thread of the anchor is not damaged during hammering. The bolt anchor setting tool FA-ST II is suitable for commonly available hammer drills (2 - 3 kg) with SDS adapter. Specialised bolt anchors such as the FAZ II Plus, FBN II, FBZ and EXA can be installed using push-through installation more quickly, easily, and safely using the FA-ST II. The setting tool ensures optimal handling, thanks to its low weight

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Versions with cap nut

The new versions with special, high cap nut (M10 and M12) are optimal for architecturally demanding applications and offer a visually attractive anchorage. In addition, the cap nut protects against injuries due to its closed shape.

The FAZ II Plus is the only anchor with cap nut and ETA option 1!


Railing construction

Railing construction

Facade substructure construction

Facade substructure construction

Timber railing construction

Tension anchor

Pipe routes

Cable trays