UltraCut FBS II
Die leistungsstarke Betonschraube für höchsten Montagekomfort
UltraCut FBS II
Concrete screw UltraCut FBS II
with adjustment washer, setting tool & corrosion protection screws

Your advantages at a glance

3 embedment depths:
With up to 3 embedment depths, the UltraCut FBS II allows an optimal adaption to different applications / load requirements.
Expansion-free anchoring:
Expansion-free anchoring (undercut) allows for lowest edge- and axial spacings.
The assessment (ETA Option 1) :
The assessment (ETA Option 1) covers the use of singlepoint anchors in cracked and non-cracked concrete.
Performance categories seismic C1 and C2:
The performance categories seismic C1 and C2 ensure that the strictest of safety standards and earthquake specifications can be fulfilled.
Multiple use in temporary fixings:
The concrete screws are also approved for multiple use in temporary fixings (e.g. inclined supports) after a verification with the checking gauge FUP. Also with young concrete 10 N/mm2.
Drill holes do not need to be cleaned:
Drill holes do not need to be cleaned during vertical installation (ceiling and floor).
Approved adjustment :
The approved adjustment for the concrete screws allows the screw to be unscrewed twice for a total length of 20 mm, to place maximum 10 mm packing below the base plate head or to align the attached part, and then to tighten the screw again.

UltraCut FBS II R – powerful and optimal for outdoor applications and wet rooms

  • The specially hardened red tip guarantees a noticeably faster and safer installation.
  • The concrete screw made of stainless steel ensures a high corrosion protection and allows the application in wet rooms and outdoors.
  • The ETA approval covers applications in cracked concrete, as well as the seismic performance categories C1 and C2.
  • The concrete screw ULTRACUT FBS II R offers the possibility for use in masonry (solid construction material).

All variants at a glance


Metal construction applications

Base plate

Railing anchorage

Formwork / construction site equipment applications

Angular bracket

Tunnel construction site

Applications in wood

Wooden wallboard

Treshold anchorage

Beam anchorage

Sanitary/Heating/Electrical applications

Cable routes

Pipe routes